High Holidays 2017 / 5778 - Tickets Purchase

Instructions for High Holidays Ticket Purchase

Membership is the lifeblood of the congregation; please consider becoming a member and supporting the ongoing activates of the synagogue.

Annual Family Membership: $750 (includes voting rights and two High Holidays tickets; children under 18 free)
Annual Single Membership: $400 (includes voting rights and one High Holidays ticket)

To encourage attendance at High Holidays services, the board has set the following prices, and we invite you to share this information widely. We do not want price to prevent anyone from attending who desires to do so; please contact the shul if an adjusted rate is required.

Individual Adult Ticket (Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur): $200
Student (University) Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur: $36
Student (University) Rosh Hashanah Only: $25
Student (University) Yom Kippur Only: $25
Student (High School) Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur: $25
Student (High School) Rosh Hashanah Only: $18
Student (High School) Yom Kippur Only: $18
Student (Lower School): FREE

For the first time, the Kiever Shul will offer child care to improve the High Holiday experience for young and old alike. Please help us make this a success by contacting the office by e-mail or phone and letting us know the age of any children who will be using this service so that we can plan appropriately.

The most efficient way to purchase membership or a High Holiday ticket is on this page through the PayPal button below. Choose your requested category and you can conveniently pay with a credit card.

Be sure to include the information of the names to appear on the tickets and your contact information so we can email your tickets to you. Emailed tickets will be sent to you for printing at home.
Because, in keeping with Jewish law, the shul discourages the use of electronic devices on the High Holidays (and Shabbos), emailed tickets must be printed and presented for entry to services.
If you have paid through the website but can't print your tickets at home let us know and we will mail them or arrange for you to pick them up.

You may also send your payment by conventional cheque to the synagogue office, and paper tickets will be mailed to you. Please make cheques payable to: The First Russian Congregation of Kiev.

We kindly request that you send payment by September 1 to insure that your tickets are processed in time.

Kiever Synagogue
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Toronto, ON, M5T 2N5

General email: thekiever@kievershul.com
President of the Board of Directors: president@kievershul.com
Administration: admin@kievershul.com

416 593-9702

Membership and High Holiday tickets:
Please make cheques payable to: The First Russian Congregation of Kiev

Membership payments can be made online as below. Please also fill out the Membership Form (click it in the menu at top left) and return it by email or mail.

Thank you for purchasing your tickets, they will be sent to you by email or by conventional mail shortly.

Annual Memberships

Non-membership High Holiday tickets:
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