Kosher Meal Raffle

Kiever Kosher Meal Raffle Rules and Regulations -
Prize: A kosher meal for two, must be collected by the prize winner.

The Kiever Kosher Downtown Initiative As part of its strategic vision for a renaissance of vibrant downtown observant Jewish life, the Kiever Shul is creating initiatives that bring more kosher food and greater kosher food accessibility to members of our community and the downtown Jewish community in general. These initiatives include kosher food delivery programs and supporting kosher businesses that are helping to bridge the kosher food accessibility in downtown Toronto. The Kiever Shul is engaging in various fundraising and enthusiasm-promoting community activities order to bring attention and support to this initiative, including Kiever Kosher Meal Raffles. All proceeds from such activities go to the Kiever Kosher Downtown Initiative.

Previous raffle, now completed: