Set like a hidden jewel in the residential heart of Kensington Market since 1917, The Kiever holds services every Shabbat and on all Holy Days. The format is a traditional but open-hearted modern orthodox service with a welcoming attitude that is respectful to all. This shul really evokes a genuine sense of roots and spirituality for all who enter her doors.

Bar & Bat MItzvah, Hebrew and Jewish “How-To” lessons are open to everyone. Due to its historical beauty and its immaculate air-conditioned facilities, The Kiever is often booked for weddings, Jewish special events and concerts by people from all over the city and the world.

As the Jewish community returns to the heart of the city, the Kiever holds a special place ready for you!

For information on High Holidays 2016 / 5777, please click on "Times of Services" and "Contact Us" pages at left.

Special Kiddush --

On Shabbat Bereishit, October 29 2016, following services we will have a special Kiddush honouring Pinchas Gutter who has been our honourary Cantor for 30 years!
All of you who have appreciated his tremendous contribution to the Shul are asked to come and participate and celebrate.